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Social Media Best Practices.

The impact of photos and videos in social media.

The personal touch you get from visiting a local business is part of what makes them so attractive to customers and there’s no reason why you can’t replicate that experience online.

All you need is a smartphone!

When you are uploading a post to your business’ social media account, there are some things you should consider; Firstly, how you can make your post more personal to your audience. It could be a product you decide to video or photograph, or the caption itself. The most important thing you should be aiming to do is – create a personal connection which will greatly increase the chance of someone interacting with your post.

If you have a new product to post about, instead of simply uploading an image of the product, you could upload a video of yourself talking about the product, with a link to your online shop.

By using a series of informal videos showing the process of their ‘Homemade Pork Pies’ Russell’s Butchers received 115 more likes and 23 more shares than their average posts normally achieve.

115 likes, 23 Shares, lots of comments, sadly they forgot to add a link to their website! REMEMBER: always add a web link to your online shop.

Check these guys out for a great example of what to do...

Make it Personal.

When a customer enters your store, your personality may be part of what improves the shopping experience and helps you sell more products, so applying this same theory to your social media can greatly increase the amount in which people respond to you. You have to imagine your followers like a community of people with a common interest - your business.

Always provide a link!

Regardless of what it is you are posting, you should always provide a link to your shop. If you are promoting a product or deal, then add a link to that product or deal so your customers have the easiest possible route to buying your products if they show an interest. Even if you aren’t promoting a specific product, its always worth adding a link to your shop so any interested shoppers can easily access your products. (Remember to add your image or video before the link so both display correctly).

An Example Post.

Post something like this...

To get you started, we will provide you with graphics to post on Social Media which you can add your personal message to.

Consistency is key.

Although creating a theme and branded posts may seem out of your depth at the moment, it is still important to ensure you post on your social media accounts regularly - whatever that is to you and your business. It could be a couple of times a day or a couple of times a week, but keeping it consistent means your customers can begin to recognise your posts and engage with them more frequently once they have a stronger familiarity with your brand.

Here's few good example Facebook links...

Café Artum:
Nice example of using multiple photos to get the message over. Notice also their comment is clearly promoting their online store all done in a friendly conversational tone. See post here >

Dead Wax Digbeth:
A good example of including a link to your website, and a reason why! Notice also they have tagged a person, this could be one of your Suppliers who will have a bigger audience that you could also be engaging with. See post here >

We Are Cow:
Notice on this post they are talking specifically about a product and have added multiple links to each product so that people can buy them direct. See post here >