Frequently Asked Questions.


Can I add my own logo?
Yes, This is offered as part of the set-up.

Can we change pricing?
Yes, you can change the price of your items anytime you wish.

Can I add items/products?
Yes, you can add as many items/products as you would like.


Will I be sent orders automatically?

Yes, you will receive an automatic email notification. Your Admin Area will also show live orders – in order of when they are required for Delivery/Collection.

For fast paced businesses (Take-away/Restaurants etc) – We can also set up and supply a thermal printer to automatically print any new orders you receive. Deposit required – Call for 07966 145753 for details.

Taking payments

Can I take credit/debit card payments?
Yes, you can take online payments using the in-built Secure Payment Gateway.

Can I use another payment gateway?
No, sorry! Our online shops come fitted with a pre-approved Payment Gateway that is PCI compliant.

Set-Up Service

What do you do / What is included?
See here for what is included within the set-up.

Cost / Contract

Is there a contract length or minimum term?
No, there is no contract length as You are free to cancel at any point.

How is payment made?
When a customer orders from you, our Secure Payment gateway will automatically deduct commission/transaction fees and then forward the balance to your Bank account.

How would I cancel, should I want to?
Simply give us as much notice as you can. We will then remove your Online Shop. Please remember, if you do not use your online shop, you pay nothing, as all costs are covered by commission charged on each transaction.

Features and Customisation

Can I change the way something works or pay you to add features? is a shared off-the-shelf product, it is not possible to tailor the system to work specifically for one customer, however we invite suggestions for new features, and it may be possible to create a bespoke website if required at an additional cost.

Can I have a time-frame for features you have agreed to develop?
Our development schedule is fluid to allow our team to shift focus when needed. For example, if we have a bug to fix this will take priority. For this reason it is not possible to accurately estimate how long any particular feature will take to develop.

Hosting and Security

Can I host the site myself?
We require that the site be hosted on our servers. Due to how the Admin Area works it requires a certain set of permissions to create files on your site.

Can I have FTP/source access?
For security reasons we do not allow direct access to the hosted files.

Will my site have an SSL/TLS certificate?
Yes, we supply this as standard for all sites at no extra cost. Your site will only be accessible via https.

How secure is my data?
Very. Server access is limited to connections from within a secure firewall from secured networks. No customer card details are saved on the system.

Does the website store customer credit card information?
No. By design, your customer’s credit card number and security code are never stored on your website. The payment gateway only gives this sensitive information directly to the payment processor.

How do you store passwords?
Passwords are not stored as plain text and no one has visibility or access to the original password string. We store all passwords using cryptographic hashing. We also use a salting technique to ensure no two stored strings are identical.

Where is my data physically stored?
We use Digital Ocean LLC, a trusted third party supplier to provide our hosting. The server is located within the UK.